Monday, 5 June 2017

These powerful images that pay tribute to those who risked their lives to save others

Today, men were wounded in Saint-Denis during the assault that led to the terrorists. A police dog also has to leave his life. We can not thank enough those anonymous, these men and women to the incredible bravery. Firefighters, police officers, soldiers or otherwise, they risk their lives every day to save others, and ask for nothing in return. Tribute to these heroic men in powerful 33 pictures, it's the least that

  • Richard Barnett of the US Navy, which protects a child separated from her family during a fight in 2003

    © Damir Sagolj
  • Kevin Berthia spoke to jump from the Golden Gate Bridge. Reasoned by a police officer, he has since become one of the biggest advocates of prevention against suicide [2005]

    © John Storey / San Francisco Chronicle
  • These firefighters who shoot a mother and daughter in a car wreck hanging over a bridge

    © Unknown
  • The police officer who helps people to evacuate the area around the World Trade Center

    © Unknown
  • The 2nd Class Lee Ryan Waldo and his dog who huddle in the hospital after a narrow escape [Afghanistan 2011]

    © Kevin Wallace
  • These New York firefighters, many of whom lost friends in the 9/11 attacks, learn the death of Oussama ben Laden live

    © Unknown
  • Figo, a Kentucky police dog, made his last goodbyes to his human partner, Jason Ellis officer killed in the line of duty

    © Jonathan Palmer / Herald-Leader
  • The tattoo soldier Kyle Hockenberry takes its full meaning

    © Laura Rauch
  • The firefighter who saves a koala forest fires in Australia [2009]

    © Unknown
  • This riot agent who accepts a heart shaped balloon of a young boy in Bucharest [2012]

    © Unknown
  • These rescuers carrying a child rescued from the rubble on the site of a residential building collapsed in Mumbai [September 2014]
  • This German soldier applying a bandage to a wounded Russian civil [C. 1941]

    © Unknown
  • Kiki, 7, pulled the ruins left by the earthquake in Haiti by US fire and in the arms of his mother [2010]

    © Polaris / Eyevine
  • This woman grateful and relieved to have recovered her cat

    © Unknown
  • A young nurse comforts a dog injured by a tornado [2013]

    © Nick Oxford
  • The Afghan soldier who carries the child in an explosion

    © Unknown
  • This Portuguese soldier who has just lost his two best friends

    © Unknown
  • Those policemen who rush on this old man knocked down by one of the explosions at the Boston Marathon [2013]

    © Boston Globe
  • These Chicago firefighters who fight against fire below -30 ° [2013]

    © Unknown

  • © Unknown
  • This Thai soldier carries a fragile Buddhist monk to save flood in 2011

    © Unknown
  • The firefighter who has just released a young boxer from a burning house

    © Unknown
  • This policeman in Beijing handcuffed to save the life of this young suicidal girl

    © Source: ExclusivePix
  • This Canadian soldier moved at the last ceremony, the fights are complete [2011]

    © Palm Beach Post
  • This policeman who stops to look after the cow hit by a car [2014]

    © Source: yolosafafofo Reddit user
  • These firefighters prepare for battle near the Yosemite National Park in California [2014]

    © Source: Jae C. Hong / AP Photo

  • © Source: Jae C. Hong / AP Photo
  • Captain Donald Spindler, who has a 6 year old child from a fire in Indiana

    © ource: Evansville Courier & Press
  • This little girl of four months from the rubble rescued by the military four days after the Japanese tsunami [2011]

    © Source: Reuters
  • The Pearl Harbor survivor Houston James embraces Sergeant Mark Graunke Jr., who lost a hand, a leg, and eyes by defusing a bomb in Iraq [2005]

    © Source: Dallas Morning News
  • Two firefighters hug after a fire in Philadelphia, two of their comrades are being killed [2013]

    © Source: Matt Rourke / AP
  • This firefighter carrying a girl injured in the wreck of a train crash near Santiago de Compostela, Spain [2013]

    © Source: La Voz de Galicia / Reuters
  • Lesleigh Coyer, 25, goes down to the grave of his brother, Ryan, who served in the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan [2013]

    © Source: Reuters

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