Friday, 28 April 2017

Young men risk their lives to do this adventure ... and the victims are many!

Recently, a group of photos of young men from India risking their lives for adventure.

In detail, these young men jump off the train line just moments before passing through the Ganges River.

The local police had previously promised to deploy additional patrols to deter young people taking the risk.

It is worth noting that many young people had drowned after jumping off the train line in the Ganges River.

The group of young daredevils have been seen risking death by carrying out a dangerous and life-threatening stunt in India

The teenagers line up along a railway bridge before leaping into a canal as a fast-moving train approaches

The boys are seen waiting on the bridge in Ghaziabad district before leaping one-by-one into the Upper Ganga Canal

This is not the first time the stunt has been performed above the Upper Ganga Canal in Ghaziabad, India
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