Thursday, 28 April 2016

Should You Pick Up Apple Smartwatch, Samsung Gear S2, or…?

Remember the days when watches were used mainly to tell time and maybe date, if you had a fancy wrist watch? Well, not anymore. Nowadays we have these awesome smart watches that you connect to your smartphone via bluetooth, and you get access to your music library, messages, call history, fitness stuff, oh, and, yeah, these smart watches sometimes tell time. Currently we have two types of smartwatches: those with colourful touchscreens, and those that are a combination of a regular analog watch and a bunch of “smart” features

So why exactly would anyone need a smartwatch? Apart from the slew of useful features, these gadgets allow you to leave your smartphone in your pocket, yet still receive important texts and calls. And, let me reiterate, they tell you what time it is! What’s not to love

Samsung Gear S2 ($299)
This sleek smartwatch with an impressive design offers some fairly generic smartwatch features like pedometer, as well as rather interesting features including a rotating thingy used for navigating the UI and enhanced app capabilities. It’s one of the best options for Android users – especially with that amazing UI
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