Thursday, 3 March 2016

Clinton and Trump eye face-off in November

“AAF!” says Jim Consolantis, an advertising executive from Miami Beach, at the back of Hillary Clinton’s victory party in downtown Miami. “Always About Florida,” he adds, explaining the acronym

Consolantis, who worked on Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign in 1992, explains why Clinton is in Florida for her “Super Tuesday” victory party, even though it wasn’t one of the 11 states voting in the biggest day of the US presidential primaries – or the seven she won
“She wants to plant her flag in Florida,” he said. “There’a lot of electoral votes coming up in Florida. It is a double-edged sword. She is fighting for the primary but also looking ahead to the general election
Others put it differently: “As Florida votes, so votes the nation.” The Sunshine State is America’s fourth most populous and the largest swing state in presidential elections, as Al Gore learned to his cost in 2000
Florida, rich in delegates who will choose the Democratic nominee at the party’s national convention in July, votes in its primary on March 15th. Given her advantage of more than 600 delegates over Bernie Sanders following her seven- to four-state Super Tuesday wins over the Vermont senator, a Florida win would make her unstoppable
“Sanders not only has to win but he has to win big because he has to make up those delegates inMichigan, Ohio, Illinois and Florida,” said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon
“If we get to March 16th and he is still way behind in delegates, he has to take a serious look at his position. The day after the March 15th primary is a day of reckoning unless he wins big in those states
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