Let’s Play A Game

It is well known that the games are the ones that “steal the heart” of a gamer. And not only. So, this is why, no matter if we speak about a phone or a computer, they are always the ones that will bring us the smile on our face. Ad not set – click and set me here

Therefore, the iPhone does not make any exception, having lots of apps that are practically games. There has also been made a statistic that has shown the fact that more than 93 percent of the people who are downloading apps for their iPhones are downloading games. So, this clearly shows that people are eager to play games and these are a part of life, if not a modality to help the time pass faster
But now, let’s see some games that are really loved by the users and also let’s see what they are about
The first game that I will present it is called Harry Potter: Spells Cast a Spell. This game as you may understand from the name of the app is a game of spells and wizardry. The idea is to draw with your fingers on the iPhone’s screen different shapes that represent spells. Practically your finger is the magic wand and you are a student at the famous school of Wizardry from the well known movie

Let's Play A Game

Another game loved by the users is Rock Band. This game is similar to the famous Guitar Hero, meaning that you are having on the screen a set of buttons that need to be pressed in order to create a song. There are 30 songs in the game and you will have to pass the levels by singing them as accurate as you can. The sound of each colored button represents one or more musical notes of an electric guitar. So, you will feel like a real rock star playing this game. The sounds can also be represented by drums, vocal or other instruments
The next game is the one and only Angry Birds. I really do not think that it needs anymore presentations, but even so I will say a few words about this funny game, that I have to confess I really like. The idea is to kill the green pigs, or free the birds in the cages, with the help of the angry birds. With your finger on the screen you will have to swipe the birds in the right angle in order to unleash them and let them do their jobs. It is a logical game that will work your minds

And of course, the list can go on, but I believe that I’ve told you the three most important games that are constantly downloaded. Which is your favorite one?11

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