Here is the cast of the movie Suicide Squad

 Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad film will be the third film of the DC Universe after Man of Steel Superman and Batman v. And today, the work of David Ayer officially adopts a five-star cast. Meet now the most dangerous freaks of the DC Universe

Let's start with the most iconic character: The Joker. The actor will have the difficult task of succeeding Nicholson and Ledger none other than Jared Leto, the rumors saw him in Batman nemesis the skin for several months

Note also the return of Tom Hardy in the DC universe, after Rick Flagg will play Bane. Will smith will make his first appearance in a DC film under the guise of Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot. Note that the character has recently appeared in the Arrow range where it was played by Michael Rowe

For the rest, know that Jai Courtney will play Boomerang and Cara Delevinge will Enchantress

Finally, note that a mythical character from the DC Universe will debut in a live film. This is Harley Queen, who will be played by Margot Robbie

Heavy, you are told

Suicide Squad will land in theaters in August 2016, and we hope that it will be good

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