Thursday, 4 December 2014

Death of Eric Garner: New York is in turmoil after the dismissal of a white police officer

Eric Garner

Ferguson, Cleveland and New York. Three different to do very different circumstances, but three identical conclusion that a white police officer kills a black man. And as Ferguson, the New York officer involved has not been indicted by a grand jury on Wednesday, a move that provoked protests in the largest US city. To calm the situation, the US Minister of Justice Eric Holder announced the opening of a federal investigation into a possible violation of civil rights

Suspected of illegal cigarettes, Eric Garner, 43, is tackled by several white police officers on 17 July. The officer Daniel Pantaleo takes particular by the neck to immobilize the ground. Obese and asthmatic, Garner repeated seven times "I can not breathe" before losing consciousness. It is declared dead after his transfer to the hospital
Homicide, according to the coroner

The prosecutor Staten Island Daniel Donovan said Wednesday that "after deliberation on the elements of the investigation that was presented to him, the grand jury found that there was no reasonable cause to vote for an indictment" Daniel Pantaleo. The officer explained that he had "never intended to hurt anyone" and had used a technique taught during his training

Officially, the asphyxiating asset (chokehold) are nevertheless banned in New York. The coroner's report had concluded a homicide caused "by pressure on the neck and body" of Garner. Asthma and overweight were only "aggravating factors", according to doctors


Appeal for calm

Hundreds of protesters gathered in the neighborhood of Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, while the Mayor, Bill de Blasio, called for "peaceful" gatherings. Barack Obama briefly responded, saying: "We will not stop to see a strengthening of trust and responsibility between our communities and our police."

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