The alleged girlfriend of Michael Phelps, Taylor Lianne Chandler, reveals that she was born a hermaphrodite

A woman who said a relationship with Olympic champion Michael Phelps has made a series of revelations on social networks

Taylor said he met Lianne Chandler swimmer on Tinder and the two have had sex during their first meeting in September

In addition, the 41 year old woman revealed that she was a hermaphrodite at birth, but gradually transformed his body with hormones and surgery

She wrote: "I was born intersexed and under the name David Roy Fitch at birth. But by the time I could walk and talk, it was clear that I was a girl and dressed as such. In my early puberty, they had diagnosed me and I was taking anti-testosterone pills at age 15 I took estrogen. My birth certificate was amended with a new name also adolescence, before any surgery. "

Phelps was arrested in October and announced he was going to rehab to get by. He was also arrested in 2004 for drunk driving and in 2009, he made headlines after pictures of him smoking marijuana have resurfaced

It has not been active on Twitter since October 5 and could not comment on these

In an interview with Radar Online, Chandler admitted to not having spoken of his past Phelps before he began an intimate relationship with him

They would have made love to halftime of a football game, September 21, and later in the evening. "This intimacy with him was amazing! It was the first time someone made me feel like a woman, a real one

Doubts were raised about its intentions. His Facebook page describes it as a "public figure" and she included the number of his press. In addition, we can see many photos of Phelps, but no pictures of the two lovebirds together

She would have him, "said it all" in an email after his arrest, but Phelps did not respond

She insists he does not have lied. "We've been together such a short time, I've never had the chance to tell him my life."
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