Saturday, 22 November 2014

Natalie Portman, Whoopi Goldberg, Julia Roberts ... Hollywood mourns Mike Nichols

Acclaimed American director Mike Nichols died Nov. 19 at the age of 83, succumbing to a heart attack. In the US, it was one of the directors darlings of Hollywood and Broadway. His death was announced by the president of ABC, James Goldston, TV channel where the widow of Nichols, Diane Sawyer officiating. He had, as few directors, won four major award show business: Oscar (The Graduate), nine Tony Awards, four Emmy Awards and a Grammy Award for the album An Evening with comedian Mike Nichols and Elaine May. Many actors with whom he worked or not speak about his disappearance

Natalie Portman was just a teenager when she starred in the new version of Chekhov's The Seagull Theatre under the direction of Nichols and starred in Closer in 2004. In a press release, she said: "There is nothing I could write would do justice to Mike. he was the one who always had the best words that consoled at the right time, which was funny to comfort him. he helped me many times. it was a beautiful person and a great artist. and he was so funny. I send my deepest thoughts to his wife Diane and Jenny, Max and Daisy, his children

We are indebted to Mike Nichols have mounted a show only the name of Whoopi Goldberg, propelling to stardom. This could not speak on his show The View, collapsing in tears wanting to announce the sad news and pay tribute to his mentor. The Co-presenters then had to take over from the star of Ghost

Meryl Streep, the heroine of the burn and Silkwood Mike Nichols told The Hollywood Reporter: "He was the smartest and brightest in the room, and he could be terrible too." According to The Independent, she had to work with the director on a project with HBO

Julia Roberts heroine Charlie Wilson's War and Closer, also expressed his sentence: "There are so few heroes in our world if some impeccable artists, who represent unconditional love. friendship. Mike Nichols did not look like anybody. He was remarkable and wonderful, "Reporters she told People. Tom Hanks, his partner's War ... chose WhoSay and a quote from Mike Nichols: "We must always move forward Otherwise what would become of us Thus spoke Mike Nichols has changed life..? those who know his films, had met, had loved and that he will miss both

Steven Spielberg himself has paid tribute to Mike Nichols through a statement: "Mike was a friend, an inspiration, a mentor, one of the greatest American directors and one of the most generous people that I have known. the winner has changed my life, a lesson in cinema but also theater. Mike had a brilliant eye for cinematography and knew how to keep the irony and the reality of life in his films. the players gave him the best of themselves, and Mike could even be more. in a crowded room, he was always the center of gravity

Ben Stiller, Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore, Kerry Washington, Hugh Jackman and many others have tweeted in tribute to director Winner
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