Microsoft Office now free for iOS and Android users

microsoft office for android and ios

Last year, soon after CEO Satya Nadella took the helm of Microsoft, one of the biggest announcements to emerge from the company was that Office apps for other platforms like Android and iOS. This year, the company brings yet another surprise, and a big one. Android and iOS users can now download Microsoft Office apps for free, without the need for an Office 365 subscription

Microsoft has released a press statement that says, “Microsoft took the next step to bring the productivity of Office to everyone with new Office apps and experiences for the iPhone and iPad, a preview of Office apps for Android tablets, and the ability for customers using these devices to create and edit Office content without a subscription.”
So what is the logic behind this move? Microsoft would like you to believe that it’s all business as usual
“It’s an extension of the strategy that we’ve got. It’s not a total strategic shift, as much of an extension of the existing strategy”, the company told TheVerge
For those who are wondering whether this will be a setback to Microsoft’s revenue, it should be noted that the company won’t be extending the free functionality to businesses, which is the major source of revenue for the company
This means that consumers with documents on OneDrive for Business or Dropbox for business, will have to still pay for subscription. So, it will continue to generate revenue from businesses that rely on its productivity apps and cloud services
Interestingly, this piece of news comes just a few days after Microsoft announced its strategic deal with Dropbox that will allow Office software users to manage and share files through Dropbox’s website and mobile app. Microsoft said the functionality would be included in the next updates to the Office mobile apps, to be rolled out in the next few weeks, and online accessibility would be available in the first half of 2015

Microsoft Office apps can be downloaded from the Google Play store and Apple app store
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