Low Cost Car Insurance Advice - What to Do If Your Low Cost Car Insurance Denies Coverage

Low Cost Car Insurance Advice

Q: I bought low cost car insurance in Colorado recently. I got in accident the other day and they are denying coverage saying I never sent a payment. What can I do

A: We are sorry to hear that this happened to you and hopefully we can help you through it. It is hard enough to deal with an accident under any circumstances. You were lucky to find low cost insurance in Colorado but don't think you made a mistake by not purchasing a more expensive policy yet
The fact the policy was inexpensive may not be the reason that you are having difficulty getting them to pay your claim. Here are a few steps to follow that may be of assistance
*Find the cancelled check you sent for your payment
*Ask the company to send a copy of the cancellation of insurance they sent to you
*File a protest with the Colorado Division of Insurance
*Keep a written record of everything and everyone you speak to about this situation
By law in the State of Colorado your insurance company must notify you at least thirty days in advance if they intend to cancel your policy. Just because you bought low cost car insurance in Colorado does not mean you aren't entitled to the same rights as a person who bought a more expensive policy.
Lastly, we would highly recommend that you take the time to shop around for policy rates from other providers. Comparing auto insurance quotes online is an easy way to protect yourself from overpaying, and you'll end up with higher quality coverage as a result

By David Ackland

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