Sunday, 16 November 2014

Kristen Stewart Wardrobe Malfunction: Nip Slip In Front Of Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart suffered a wardrobe malfunction on Friday while presenting an award on stage to her co-star Julianne Moore at the Hollywood Film Awards

According to the Daily Mail, Kristen Stewart’s wardrobe malfunction came when the high-waisted skirt she’d been using to cover her chest slipped down, making for an embarrassing nip slip on television and in front of her ex-boyfriend and Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson, who was also in attendance
Although Stewart was wearing a see through top over the high waisted skirt, the nip slip was noticeable to those watching the Hollywood Film Awards, and likely those in attendance at the event as well
Kristen certainly isn’t the first celebrity to suffer a wardrobe malfunction and/or nip slip, making some fans question why stars and their stylists don’t take extreme precautions to make sure that the malfunctions don’t happen in public, especially during a live televised event

Kristen Stewart’s wardrobe malfunction was probably embarrassing on its own, but to have the nip slip happen on stage as Robert Pattinson looked on may have made the situation a little more unbearable
Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson skipped the red carpet at the Hollywood Film Awards, and some fans are speculating that it’s because he did not want to run into Kristen Stewart in front of the cameras
Pattinson has been dating British singer FKA Twigs for a few months, and the pair are allegedly heating up
Hollywood Life reports that RPattz and FKA are living together, and that they may even be engaged already, which could likely make KStew a bit jealous
While Kristen Stewart’s wardrobe malfunction was certainly humiliating, Robert Pattinson had his own weird moment this week

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Pattinson turned more than one head when he stepped out with a very strange hairdo this week
Kristen Stewart’s ex-boyfriend’s hair looked normal from the front, but when he turned around fans were surprised to see that the bottom half of his head had been completely shaved except for one small unusual strip in the middle at the base of his neck


Did RPattz lose a bet, or shave his head for a new movie role? Fans are wondering why Rob would do that to his sexy trademark hair, but then again, Kristen Stewart also recently chopped off her long brunette locks in favor of a short pixie cut
?What do you think about Kristen Stewart’s wardrobe malfunction
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