iPhone 6 Plus: Changing the way I work in a big way


iphone 6 plus

The iPhone 6 Plus has become a big part of my work day. I have it in hand far more than any phone that came before, and that’s quite a few. Tasks previously relegated to a tablet are now done routinely on the iPhone

It's not a single feature, rather the combination of hardware and software that has resulted in the expanded utility I get from the iPhone 6 Plus. That's not surprising, as rarely is a single feature or function game-changing.

Display size

The 5.5-inch screen on the iPhone 6 Plus is one reason I'm using it to do more. The size and resolution of the display lets me see plenty on the screen at once, and with apps optimized for iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 Plus display, l see that information in a good format. No matter what I'm doing, with iPhone in hand I don’t feel I need a bigger screen like those on tablets.
The big display makes working in landscape orientation a good fit for some things I do regularly. Whether it’s a nicely programmed two-pane display or a good full-screen layout of a well-designed app, it expands the functionality of the phone for working


I’ve used phones with big screens, and none have been good enough to assume a major role in my work routine. That’s due to the apps. They often didn’t display well on a big display. Text was too small to be useful, controls were not intuitively placed on the screen, or elements weren’t positioned well
It is totally different with the iPhone 6 Plus. Most apps I use regularly are optimized by the developers for the big screen. Lots of information is displayed at once in a layout that takes full advantage of the screen real estate. In many apps, controls are well placed and get out of the way when not needed. I now prefer to use one of my work apps on the iPhone 6 Plus over other devices, including the iPad Air. Working with these apps on the iPhone 6 Plus is natural and productive
My work can be categorized in three major areas: online research, writing and editing. I use a number of apps in all three categories. The iPhone 6 Plus is proving to be a valuable tool in the research and editing stages of my work
I wouldn’t do any heavy writing on the phone; that's relegated to laptops or the iPad Air with a keyboard. But I use Evernote exclusively for writing on a laptop or the iPad Air with keyboard, which makes editing on the iPhone 6 Plus possible, as all my writing projects are in the cloud
The apps I use for online research:
Safari — All web surfing I do for work is with this browser. I have long been a Chrome user, and while I have it installed on the iPhone 6 Plus, I rarely use it
Zite — This news aggregator is a great app on iOS 8. It presents information on the big iPhone screen in a way that is easy to read at a glance, and I can go through hundreds of news items in a few minutes
Feedly — I follow thousands of RSS news sources daily, and this app is efficient for doing this. Using Feedly on the iPhone 6 Plus has become my favorite way to work with RSS, by far.
CNN — This app presents world news in a format that makes it easy to see what’s going on at a glance, and what’s worth diving into for more detail. The integration of text and video is particularly good in landscape on the iPhone
NYT Now — This news app also makes good use of the big iPhone screen. It presents the top stories from the NYT and updates all day with breaking news
Acompli — This has quickly become my email app of choice. It automatically separates priority email from the rest, allowing me to focus on what’s important during the busy work day
Evernote — The expanded sharing function in iOS 8 is something I use heavily in my work. When I run across something of interest using the apps above, I share it with a few taps to Evernote. This keeps it right where I need it
Tweetbot — I see a lot of breaking news first on Twitter, and this app is the client I prefer. I've tested a few others but keep coming back to Tweetbot
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