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America is in turmoil after the grand jury decision not to prosecute a white police officer who killed Michael Brown, a young black 18, Ferguson in August. While violent clashes broke out Ferguson, thousands of Americans took to the streets Monday night, from Seattle to New York, to Chicago and Los Angeles, to express their anger
In New York, after the announcement of the decision of the grand jury, hundreds of protesters converged on Times Square, with black signs proclaiming "racism kills", "we will not be silent" and denouncing "the racism police. ""No justice no peace," chanted protesters, whose flow has grown over the hours. Others compared the police Ku Klux Klan, or standing offensive words against him
Police were everywhere with helicopter also flew over the site. Bill Bratton, Chief of the NYPD, was present in Times Square, where someone threw a red liquid in Fig. Another group of protesters gathered at Union Square, further south of Manhattan, while a third had planned to join Harlem walk behind a placard demanding "Justice for Michael Brown

The protesters outside the White House

In Washington, several hundred protesters also gathered outside the White House, chanting "hands in the air do not shoot," became the slogan of the demonstrators rallying cry from the Ferguson drama. They wore placards "Stop racist police terror," or "black life account". The procession was heading toward the Capitol

Demonstrations, largely prepared in advance, as the decision of the grand jury in coming, were also held in Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, Seattle, Chicago and Salt Lake City, most without serious clashes

Oakland (California, western United States) some 2,000 people according to CBS blocked a highway, which resulted in "numerous" arrests, according to the newspaper San Francisco Chronicles

In Los Angeles, protesters unsuccessfully tried to enter on motorways but the police stopped them. About 200 people demonstrated in the southern districts to black majority. Some gathered outside a police station, shouted "Death to the cops killers", reports the Los Angeles Times. Dozens of protesters, some lying on the floor in the street to make a "die-in", also tried to block intersections in Beverly Hills or south to Hollywood, with placards proclaiming "the resistance is justified of Ferguson in Gaza

The decision of the grand jury not to bring suit against the police officer Darren Wilson was announced in early evening news conference

President Barack Obama was then launched from the White House for calm. "We are a nation founded on respect for the law," he stressed, calling all those challenging the decision to do so "peacefully". He stressed that the Michael Brown family had itself called for avoiding violence

Ferguson: Barack Obama lance un appel au calme par leparisienAFP
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