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It's that time of year again: spring! As in spring cleaning, spring forward or how about spring into action
March 20th marked the first day of spring and is considered a great time to thoroughly clean your house from top to bottom, hence the name Spring Cleaning. It could also be considered an opportunity to engage in heavy duty organizing of your house as well

The thought of doing a massive cleaning and actually doing it are two different things. How do you motivate yourself to get started and to keep the momentum going? Try focusing on your end goal. Maybe you want to have a more organized space where you can find belongings quickly, or a neat and clean place when guests come to visit. It could be that you desire to live a calm and peaceful environment
Regardless of your reasons for cleaning and de-cluttering here are a few suggestions to help you spring into action:
1. Get a plan. Figure what you want to clean or organize, how you plan to do it, (I would suggest starting small), also when and where - for example, targeting 30 days to tackle one room at a time.
2. Get support. Identify what resources you will need to help you in this project. Consider reading books, magazines, hiring a cleaning service or a professional organizer
3. Get supplies. The key to any project is making sure you have what you need to do the job right. Create a list of supplies, materials and equipment that you will want to buy or borrow
4. Get going. There's no time like the present to create your ideal environment. Roll up your sleeves and dig in... think of sense of accomplishment you'll feel when you're done!
One of the biggest challenges my clients face when tackling their stuff is what to do with the things they prefer not to throw out or just give-away. This is especially true with the higher-end or nicer items. While garage sales and charitable donations are ideal ways to get rid of stuff you no longer want, the Internet may be the best place to sell valuable items for top dollar
Here are some websites to get you started
Craigslist, as many people know, allows you to post descriptions of your items for free. This site is ideal for furniture or other large items you want to get rid of fairly quickly
eBay is a great platform to sell rare or collectible items or unique items that people with similar taste would want. Interested buyers bid on your items or can purchase them outright if you choose
Amazon is ideal for selling books, media, clothing, jewelry, etc. for more than you would probably get at a yard sale is another site you could sell books, music, movies and games. The site takes a commission percentage based on the selling price of the item
If, however, you are more interested in donating your things for a good cause. Check out the following sites allows you to sell old clothes, electronics, gift cards, and even some cars; simply post photos of each item and identify a charity you want to support with your sales provides a place to send your old eyeglasses abroad, bringing the gift of sight to places like Bolivia, Ghana, and Cambodia is great place to donate old men's suits to Career Gear which offers unemployed men interview clothing and career counseling allows you to offer up leftover supplies from knitting, painting, and sewing projects and sells them to artists and crafters and then donates proceeds to Doctors without Borders is where you can send iPods in working condition, as well as, donated iTunes gift cards to help lift the spirits of elderly patients with Alzheimer's multiple sclerosis, and cancer is a site that promotes health in the U.S. and third world countries by sending new or nearly new sneakers to American shelters. FYI - if your shoes aren't quite nearly new enough they are recycled into material for tracks and playgrounds is a site for The Get-Well Gamers Foundation that believes playing video games can help hospitalized children forget their pain. Send new and used games to its headquarters in California
Getting rid of your old or unwanted things after spring cleaning doesn't have to be so daunting. Do a little research to determine which site best suits your needs and you're on your way!
Author, coach, speaker, and gifted intuitive healer, Paris Love helps overextended professional women cut through energetic, emotional and physical clutter to ease stress, reduce fatigue, promote healing, increase productivity, and improve quality of life

By Paris Love
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