Friday, 7 November 2014

Does Your Rich Diet In Potassium (K) Can Make Your Heart Feel Ok (K) Too During Again?

In accordance with a study published in American Hearts Association’s Journal Stroke, a survey done over post menopausal women reveals the fact that foods rich in Potassium content can actually help in cutting off risk to stroke

STROKE –a medical condition arising due to ischemia and hemorrhage is defined as a cerebrovascular condition or in simple words it an insult to brain caused by disturbances in the blood flow of the heart vessels to the brain. Stroke is an emergency state and most often results in brain death making it as a potential threat for the cardiologists.   Also in 2004, Stroke ranks second among different causes of death. The etiology that adds warning to this condition is a list of factors like old age, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and smoking

When it comes to discuss Stroke, particularly in women there is a significant rise in incidence of stroke among post menopausal cases and the outcome of stroke in the female who have hit the menopausal age is far more to give one goose bumps. In this regard a research group from Albert Einstein Medical College in Bronx under supervision of Sylvia Wassertheil-Smoller came up with a detailed research analysis on benefits of high potassium consumption in post menopausal women. The advantage that lies behind eating potassium rich contents is offset of stroke.
The professor also added in his research that over the course of 11years 90, 137 post menopausal women from age 44 to 70 years were subjected to data study with the objective of searching incidence of stoke with subsequent intake of potassium diet. She quoted that the women who were made part of the study were post menopausal who had not undergone a Cerebrovascular accident before and were maintained on a daily potassium load 2,611 mg . The results suggested 12% percent decrease in incidence of stroke among women who consumed rich potassium diet as compared to women who had low potassium intake
Nevertheless, in the previous studies it was concluded that potassium lowers the blood pressure too; however in the research article Sylvia Wassertheil-Smoller discussed the results that were different in hypertensive and non hypertensive post menopausal women regarding the potassium intake. In addition to it the professor analyzed that potassium rich diet cannot lower risk of stroke in women who take anti hypertensive medications to control their blood pressure with significant decrease of 21 percent in stroke alarm in women having blood pressures in normal range
The doctor also summated that this study will aid women control the incidence of stroke by using fruits and vegetables with high potassium content on the contrary one should get their potassium levels checked before going for rich potassium intake. As the study does not include sodium levels and their effects and the body dearly needs balance between two electrolytes, a woman should consult a physician before switching to this diet plan
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