Apple iPad Air 2 Review


In the tablet world, there’s only one significant name that stands unchallenged in the space – the iPad. Yes, Apple’s tablet continues to have a firm stranglehold of the tablet market, mainly because it’s so versatile in many ways. Last year, the company upped its game with the introduction of the incredibly thin iPad Air, one 
that obviously continues the tradition of forward thinking design for Apple. Typical to say the least, the iPad Air 2 aims to continue that trend to a higher degree – while being outfitted with some new hardware and features in the process.

Of course, as we all know too well, Apple is notorious for recycling designs, which was profoundly evident between the iPad 2, 3, and 4. On the surface, the iPad Air 2 very much looks like its predecessor, but there are some differences that make it notable in several fronts. Regardless of whatever they are, will it be enough to distance itself from its highly-esteemed predecessor?

The package contains:
  • Wall charger
  • Lightning cable
  • Quick guide
  • Apple logo decals

Apple iPad Air 2 Review
Apple iPad Air 2 Review
Apple iPad Air 2 Review
Apple iPad Air 2 Review
Apple iPad Air 2 Review


Thinner and lighter, it’s incredible how much more Apple is able to shave off from the iPad Air 2

Apple surely outdoes itself when we look at the design of the iPad Air 2, which interestingly enough, snags the honor of being the world’s thinnest tablet currently sold on the market. Well, it’s 18% thinner than the last year's iPad Air. Unless you have its predecessor side-by-side to compare, it’s rather tough to admire the design improvements Apple has achieved. Seriously, it’s skinny (6.1mm) and lightweight (444 gr), easily eclipsing its predecessor in the process. That combination alone makes it considerably easier for travel than most laptops, since it’s something that occupies minimal space in a backpack or bag
The design, of course, is as iconic and familiar as it can get – though, it’s for the most part unmatched in terms of quality. Utilizing the same familiar unibody aluminum construction from before, which gives it that premium quality, it’s a solid offering that gives it a seamless, elegant appearance. This time, however, Apple introduces a new color option into the mix, gold, which has become ubiquitous to say the least. In complementing its sturdy aluminum frame, the front of the tablet is covered in glass – while a subtle tapered bezel around the aluminum frame makes it comfortable for us to hold it around the edges
All told, there are very few tablets that turn heads, but the iPad Air 2’s updated design clearly indicates that Apple is committed in continuing that trend. Sure, other tablets may offer protection against dust and water with their designs, but at the end of the day, the iPad Air 2 amazes with its balanced portfolio in being extremely attractive, premium constructed, and svelte enough to be inconspicuous for travel.

Although some will find it negligible, Apple has opted to do away with the mute switch (or rotation lock) that’s traditionally found near the volume control, since the toggle for those functions are accessible via the Control Center. Aside from that, the placement of everything else around its trim are in their usual spots – like the power button, separated volume controls, speaker grills, microphones, 3.5mm headset jack, and Lightning port
At first glance, it’s really tough to notice, but the home button has undergone some changing as well. Many folks were a bit confused by the iPad Air’s lacking of a Touch ID finger print sensor, which was already introduced before by the iPhone 5s, but it thankfully makes its arrival here – giving owners an additional option for securing the tablet. Naturally, it’s incorporated into the home button, which is now uniformly recessed and accented with a metal ring, but its tactility and responsiveness remain the same. By in large, it’s undoubtedly one of the better implementations because it’s accurate and quick at registering our fingerprint(s)
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