Friday, 7 November 2014

Colorectal Cancer On the Rise Among Younger Patients

A new study of alarming data shows that young people seem to be getting colorectal cancer at an oddly faster rate

“The increasing incidence of CRC among young adults is concerning and highlights the need to investigate potential causes and external influences such as lack of screening and behavioral factors,” according to the study authors
Dr. George J. Chang, Associate Professor of Surgical Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center attests “The findings highlight the increasing problem of colon and rectal colon cancers we’re finding in younger people.” He continues: “Since the mid-1980s there’s been a lot of more screening. That’s probably a factor in preventing colon cancer in older people, because we pick up polyps before they’re malignant. But as much as we’ve made a lot of progress for everyone over fifty, that’s not the case for younger people.”

Chang goes on to describe that several things could be the reason for the increase. “Factors like obesity, a poor diet, and a sedentary lifestyle are associated with increased risk.” He adds that colorectal is variable, so it is not easy to find, especially in young people, and thus “We need research to study why this is happening.”
Oncologist and UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine researcher Alexandra Drakaki theorizes that “one reason could be an increase in inflammatory bowel disease, which disposes patients to developing these kinds of malignancies. In general, we think that chronic inflammation may be a factor in cancer growth.”
That would actually make a lot of sense. Chronic inflammation is a common malady in people all over the United States and this is also a condition which can be caused many different things too, including poor diet and lack of exercise as well as other infections or conditions
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