How 3D Printing Is Going To Change The World

#1 How Did 3D Printing Begin?
A 3D printer is similar to a normal printer, however a normal printer produces ink on paper. 3D printers, on 
the other hand, layer atoms on top of each other to create, or print, actual 3D objects.

It sounds fascinating, right? But 3D printing is certainly an invention that did not occur overnight. What is known as 3D printing now was once known as rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping has been in use for many years now, and it involves an engineer designing an object as a computerized aided design file, or CAD. This file would then be sent to machines, which would produce the 3D object.

The only problem with this early type of 3D printing is that the plastics and the metals that were used were just not of a high-enough quality to be used as anything other than a prototype. Although the machine could produce the parts designed, the end product didn't have structural integrity and was only used to design things that engineers wanted to see a life-size model of.
#15 Printable Pizza
As mentioned previously, NASA sure are excited about 3D printing technology. So excited in fact, that they’ve invested in a firm that is developing a 3D printer capable of printing pizzas for the International Space Station.

The firm, Systems & Materials Research Cooperation, have already successfully printed an edible block of chocolate! NASA has given the company a $125,000 grant to design a 3D printer capable of taking 30-year shelf stable foodstuffs and making pizza. We bet the astronauts are looking forward to some ‘real’ meals coming their way soon!

This project also has a huge impact on the whole world, however. As you can imagine, if a 3D printer is capable of printing actual food, then could we one day be saying goodbye to supermarkets altogether? Perhaps the Jetson family’s space-age appliance that was capable of producing food on demand wasn’t such a crazy idea after all.
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