Friday, 26 September 2014

Unbelievably Creative Furniture

#1 Comfortable Chair Included
  If you're an avid fan of books and reading, then you're going to love this bookshelf! Not only does it come

with plenty of room to house all of your books, but the bookshelf also comes with a built-in comfortable reading space for you to park your bottom. When you finish one book, the other books are still in reach - Brilliant! We'll have ten of these please...
#15 Nature's Shelf
Shelves can be a little dull, can't they? But what if something once used to store things could actually become a centerpiece of a room and a work of art? The designers behind this piece asked the same question, and the result? This beautifully creative wall shelf of course! We love the curvy design and the accompanying wall decal. It seems like it is no longer "hip to be square" when it comes to your furniture...
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