World of Warcraft characters are getting a facelift

lizzard Entertainment is hard at work on churning out updated facial models for WoW’s millions of characters.

Blizzard Entertainment has announced today that all characters in the World of Warcraft universe will be getting a facelift in the near future. While the popular and long-running MMO won’t be completely changed from a visual standpoint, the developers are taking advantage of more advanced graphical techniques to match facial models with different expressive textures.
The results are actually a huge improvement, as Blizzard offers a number of facial comparison shots for a few of their most beloved character types. The plan was originally to introduce these new character visuals alongside the Warlords of Draenor expansion, but rather than having an unbalanced mix of high-quality and low-quality character running around on quests, Blizzard opted to bring these changes to every existing character in the game
The process certainly hasn’t been easy, as World of Warcraft currently has almost 8 million subscribers. Blizzard says that they are getting close to finishing this task, so we can hopefully expect to see the pretty new Warcraft faces in an upcoming update.

World of Warcraft characters
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