WildStar Fighting Championship: WFC 3 Results

The WFC's third event on Bloodsworn Dominion saw some heated battles with the stakes raised 
WildStar Fighting Championship saw its third--and so far most successful--tournament event last night on Bloodsworn (Dominion). The stakes were raised, and resulted in some great fights, with the winner grabbing 10 platinum and a title shot against Robinhooe in the coming weeks.
The first match was between Wovenn and Kiddx, with Wovenn winning via knockout. Kiddx had dirt in his eyes, though. The second match was between Webborox and Klorin, and Webborox quickly advanced. Mugiwara took on Kneebender and also advanced via knockout. Newcomers to the WFC Fru and Horusan took on each other in the final match of round 1, with Fru using her sneaky tactics to surprise and defeat Horusan.
Round 2 saw Webborox face off against Wovenn, and Web came out the victor with an emphatic knockout. Fru took on Mugiwara and slithered by with a knockout.
The final round between Webborox and Fru was the most exciting fight of the night, and it was incredibly close. Fru put up an impressive win in their first duel, but Web came back in a close battle to win duel #2. The third duel came down to the wire, but Fru used her stealth to confuse and disorient Webborox to get the decision win. Fru won WFC, and earned herself 10 platinum and a shot at Robinhooe's title in a couple of weeks.
The video for WFC 3 can be found in full on our official Twitch.
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