Sunday, 3 August 2014

PlayStation Now goes into Open Beta on PS4

Over 100 titles are currently available to stream for multiple time periods and pricing tiers.

Sony’s new game streaming service PlayStation Now has officially gone into open beta today, with an impressive roster of over 100 games available for rental right now, spanning all sorts of genres. You can begin your PlayStation Now experience by heading over to the PlayStation 4 store, and if you need a little extra help in getting started, Sony has also uploaded an official PlayStation Now PS4 Open Beta Walkthrough video, which you can view right within this page.
Each game on the PlayStation Now service can be rented for a number of different time periods, each one corresponding to a different pricing tier. For instance, in the official PlayStation Now walkthrough video, Sony demonstrates how the first Darksiders game can be rented for four hours ($2.99), seven days ($5.99), 30 days ($7.99), or even 90 days ($14.99). If you decide you want to buy the game afterwards, then your saved games from the rental period will still be available via the cloud.
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