Thursday, 7 August 2014

Kim Kardashian Face Before and After Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian Face Before and After Plastic Surgery admits that she has never had plastic surgery but that does not mean rumors about the operation stops blowing. This difference in Kim’s faced before and after plastic surgery rumors that happen

In Touch magazine some time ago a display of photos showing Kim faces the difference ranging from 2006 to the present. From the photos, the most visible difference is the nose stars of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashian’.

Kim reportedly underwent plastic surgery to make her nose more aquiline. Not only on the nose is surgery also done in order to more pointed chin. Not just surgery, Kanye West’s girlfriend also mentioned doing chin implants.
As quoted from Hollyscoop, in an interview with ABC television, Kim denies plastic surgery rumors. She said no single part of her body, including her breasts exposed incision on the operating table. Only he admitted that using botox to maintain her appearance.
I’ve tried Botox. Was all I ever did,” said the woman who is known for sexy bodied.
Regarding surgery on his nose, Kim also denied. I never rhinoplasty but it’s my greatest distrust for my nose. I’ve always wanted this nose surgery.
Kim added that she never went to the surgeon to carry out her dream to operate her nose. However, after the doctor took a photo and showed pictures of her new nose estimates after the surgery, she went out the attack. Believe?

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