Sunday, 3 August 2014

Destiny Is Bungie's Answer to the Modern FPS

Bungie reinvented the first-person shooter with Halo. Can it do it again with Destiny?

NOTE: This preview does not discuss the multiplayer aspect of Destiny. The editors felt that not enough of the Crucible was shown in the beta to properly discuss it in this preview. But if it makes you feel better, we thought the PvP was fun.
I'm a Halo fan. That means you can stop reading now. Or you're even more excited to read this than you were a second ago. The point is that you now know that I loved Destiny. That's my official preview. After spending a lot of time exploring the beta, I can confidently say that it's a game of the year contender. 
That's beyond the point, though, because what I want to talk to you about is how Bungie has adapted to the modern FPS.
Unless you've been exploring the caves of Old Russia in the past few years, you know that the first-person shooter genre is the most popular in today's gaming industry. Games like Doom, Wolfenstein, Half-LifeGoldenEye 007Halo, and Call of Duty have created wave after wave of gamers that live and breathe to shoot down aliens, Nazis, terrorists, and whatever other monsters show up in the long, linear corridor.
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