Monday, 4 August 2014

Dead Island heading to the movies

The zombies of Dead Island are set to make their movie debut...

As those with fond memories of the proper trailer for the first Dead Island game may recall, there's always been a touch of the cinematic about the zombie-battling franchise (and the game has certainly been influenced by more than a few movies). And now, battle is set to be done on the big screen.
Occupant Entertainment is teaming up with publisher Deep Silver to develop a Dead Island movie, which will inevitably centre on a zombie outbreak. Whilst there's no director or writer attached to the film thus far, things are set to zip along quite quickly here. An ambitious target to start production in the first few months of 2015 has been set.
That points to us to a release date in 2016, although that's not been confirmed at this stage. More as we hear it.
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