Thursday, 7 August 2014

Colton Haynes Shamelessly Live Tweeted a Couple's First Date and It's Hilariously Awkward

As if first dates aren't awkward enough, imagine having that date put 
on blast by a celebrity and his 936,000 Twitter followers. 
If you're a woman named Tracey 
(spelling yet to be verified) 
who recently went on a date with a guy you met online, you may 
be living that nightmare.
Colton Haynes, of Arrow and Teen Wolf fame, was just trying to live his 
life and eat some dinner when his meal was interrupted by one of the most awkward first 
dates ever. Since everyone loves a good live tweeting event, Haynes took to social media
 to document the adventures.
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Everything starts off pretty normal, except maybe for the fact that this c
ouple is meeting for the first time in the presence of a famous actor.
The guy decides honestly is the best policy and he is very, very, uh, honest.
Then he drops a bomb. Thankfully, Haynes is there to educate and inform.
Haynes considers switching to a secret live stream, but probably 
deems it too risky.
Apparently, Haynes isn't the only one attempting to eavesdrop on this encounter.
The date starts heading south...
...but Haynes is fearless in his reporting.
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Aaaaand we've finally got a name for Tracey's date: it's Dan
 (verified by absolutely no one, but c'mon, he's such a Dan).
Haynes realizes what may have enticed Tracey. Swag recognizes swag.
And then is nearly enticed himself. Look for any casting updates on IMDb!
Honestly though, Tracey is making this unnecessarily difficult for 
all involved parties.
Not sure what Tracey ordering a glass of water has to do with anything, 
but Haynes switches to #TeamDan for a split second.
For a fleeting moment, Haynes has a reflective moment in which he considers 
feeling bad about this breach of privacy...Then, no, nope. Not feeling anything.
Meanwhile, Dan starts to get a little sketchy...
...and admits to DATING HIS SECOND COUSIN.
He has a mullet, so I'm not sure why we're all so shocked.
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Can we get the production team in here because our mic levels are 
seriously off and Tracey is basically nonexistent at this point.
Haynes decides to hit us with some life advice. And thank goodness
, because we were just about to go on a date with a guy named Dan!
Dan's clearly got some health issues though, so Tracey starts to 
distance herself.
She's not trying to get tied down by someone whose feet hurt all the time.
In a bold and potentially reckless move, Haynes follows them out 
of the restaurant to document their departures. Luckily, Tracey didn't fall
 for any of Dan's slick moves.
Tracey and Dan, you've made one famous man very, very happy.
We're absolutely terrified to think how the world would react if Colton 
Haynes live tweeted some of our first dates. Hopefully we never find 
out. And hopefully we never end up on an Internet date 
with a guy who dates his second cousins.
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