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12 Hacks For Making Cutting and Peeling Foods a Little Easier

If you're legitimately dedicated to making a nice meal, you know there is going to be work involved. Sure, to save time you could just order in a pizza and skip the hassle, or you could try some of these tricks to make cutting and peeling food just a little easier. You've probably got your own habits in the kitchen, but are any of these tips new to you? As always, be extra careful using knives!

1. Kiwi fruit

I have always believed that everyone eats kiwi fruit the way I do: with a spoon. I was pretty surprised to find out that some people didn't know about this. All you have to do is cut the kiwi fruit in half and scoop it out. There are even serrated spoons created just for this purpose. 
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If you're not planning on eating it directly, and instead need it as an ingredient, this is a really easy way to quickly peel and cut a kiwi fruit.
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2. Watermelon

Watermelon is an awesome summer snack, but it can be drippy and make a bit of a mess. When you bite into your huge triangular piece, you probably get juice all over your face. For that, there is a simple solution.

via YouTube /u/ CrazyRussianHacker

3. Mango

If navigating the seed isn't your problem when cutting a mango, this is an easy way to peel it.
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Though of course, if that seed is where your real trouble is, you can try this video's method instead, which involves having a safe grip while you cut around the seed. (Skip the video ahead to 1:38).

4. Round cake

If you have more self control than I do, and your method of eating cake doesn't involve simply taking a fork to that beauty and diving in, then here is a tip you might find handy. Apparently it's been around for over a hundred years, and was discovered by one of Britain's mathematical scientists. It keeps your cake nice and soft, even if you leave the cake in the fridge for a few days. It might only apply to those who are really comfortable, however, as it does involve someone putting their fingers all over the cake.

via YouTube /u/ Numberphile

5. Avocado

Apparently a great way to eat avocado is right out of the skin. You just need to cut it in half, take out the pit, and spoon it out. 
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Again, if the purpose of your avocado is for something other than eating it immediately, this is a quick way to cut and peel it.

Easier Ways to Cut and Peel Food 11 - Ways to Cut and Peel Food 12 -
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6. Tomatoes 

This hack is awesome to slice tomatoes. Just make sure you're careful with the knife! 
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7. Carrots

If you're like me, chances are you peel vegetables downward over a bag, since it helps to keep the mess contained. Turns out there is an easier way. Your peeler probably has two blades, so by peeling up and down, you'll save a lot of time. Even factoring in having to sweep the peelings into a bag, this method is quicker if you've got lots of carrots to peel.

8. Limes

If you're cutting a lime to juice it, this might be a good tip for you. Full instructions here
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9. Mandarin oranges

How cool is this? The orange cutting game has just changed forever, my friends.
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10. Bananas

Apparently the standard way of opening a banana, from the stem down, isn't the easiest way. Taking a cue from monkeys, opening a banana from the bottom is supposedly easier, and produces less of the stringy stuff. You just pinch the bottom and the peel will split.

via YouTube /u/ Crazy Bananas

11. Pomegranates

Is there a graceful way to cut open a pomegranate? Or does juice spray out regardless of what you try? Apparently this hack will solve that problem. You cut off the top and score the sides. 
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via instructables 

12. Onions 

Try following these step-by-step instructions to properly dice an onion.
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