Joe Cornish Being Looked At For King Kong's prequel 'Skull Island'

In 2012, Legendary Pictures sent shivers down the spines in Hall H when they teased a snippet of Godzilla’s iconic roar. On Saturday, crowds trembled again when the studio unleashed Skull Island — an origin story about King Kong in all his chest-thumping glory.
Godzilla writer Max Borenstein will be writing the script for Island, which is expected to include an army of dinosaurs and other mythic creatures who roam the island under the giant ape’s domain. The movie is due out November 4, 2016.
According to the good folks over at Deadline, Legendary is eyeing director Joe Cornish to helm the ship.
Cornish is red-hot these days after directing 2011’s stellar Attack the Block, a small-budget film about a group of kids who defend their town from an alien invasion. Cornish is said to be attached to Universal’s Section 6 at the moment — a Black-List script about the formation of the British secret service — so his decision to choose a project should come soon.
I recently screened Attack the Block, and I was absolutely floored by the director’s ability to build such an atmosphere of terrifying suspense and excitement. With a tact command of lighting and ambiance, he fashioned a tremendous sense of adventure from such few resources. I am giddy at the idea of him playing “Monster Mash” with a huge budget at his disposal.
Screenwriter Max Borenstein’s inclusion is also encouraging. Godzilla was one of my favorite films this year, mainly because the writer captured a tone that was surprisingly human at its core. Although Legendary seems to be banking on the fact that monster movies are the new superhero movies, it is important that they are putting emphasis on sophisticated and compelling character arcs.
Having said that, I need to admit that my ultimate fantasy is a thunderdome where King Kong and Godzilla duke it out for two straight hours (sorry 1962 version, I don’t count your existence). Legendary distributes both — and Pacific Rim — so it’s hopefully just a matter of time before the studio throws Jaegers into the mix. Oh, my 9-year old self can dream. 
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